Software to keep your inventory in check

IronLane brings together real-time cloud integration, RFID and barcode stocktaking and exception management workflows to help identify and fix inventory data issues in a way that is fast and intuitive.

Our real-time cloud integration makes all the difference. Devices distributed across multiple locations such as stores, warehouses and even supplier sites can access the system directly via the internet, in real-time.

IronLane’s stocktaking application is designed for speed. Users can start a stocktake with just a few clicks while inventory data and RFID scans synchronise seamlessly in the background. Results are instantly uploaded and ready for review online.

The reconciliation and adjustment approvals are part of a streamlined workflow. Handheld and tablet applications filter out the unnecessary details and give users the exact information they need to get the job done fast.

Automated healthchecks work in the background helping spot data issues.

Real-time Cloud Integration
RFID and Barcode Stocktaking
Exception Management Workflows
Healthchecks & Interactive Dashboards